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With a focus on optimized design and light-weight technologies such as reduced rim thickness, rim burnishing, hollow hump and hollow spoke, we are highly experienced in the light-weight wheel market, and we currently supply carbon fiber Performance car wheels to every major OEM in the world.

We can manufacture a broad range of diameters upon your demand, and conduct extensive computer modeling during the design phase of each wheel to ensure optimum solidification, load distribution and weight optimization.

weight savings

improved   acceleration and brake performance

energy consumption

enjoyable ride

wide range of temperatures

One-piece carbon fiber wheels and spacers allow us significant weight savings.

Lighter wheels improve acceleration and deceleration, as the engine and brakes no longer need to work against as much rotating mass.

So you will consume energy. Besides achieving higher speeds,lighteninga hybrid or electric car helps to maximize its range. With less mass in the wheel to be spun up to speed and then dragged back down, there's less energy going to waste every time the car speeds up or slows down

Metal wheels, including steel and aluminum, transmit vibrations from the road through the suspension and into the car's structure. Carbon-fiber wheels damp that energy better,reduce road noise and ensure more enjoyable drive.

Carbon fiber's ability to tolerate a wide range of temperatures without becoming brittle or deformable depends not on the carbon itself but on the epoxy that surrounds it.

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